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Some are easier, some are faster, but all are available to you. If you need to download the Android SDK you can grab it from the Android Development website and follow their instructions on how to install it correctly.For the following process all you will need is the adb and fastboot files which are located in the Platform Tools folder.This means when Google releases an update to the Android code itself, it will come quickly to these phones first, if not immediately.And Pixel or Nexus phones actually are among the few that have several ways of receiving updates. Before we go into the steps of sideloading Android updates, it is strongly recommended that you have previous knowledge of working with the Android SDK (software development kit) and Terminal (OS X or Linux) or Command Prompt (Windows), as it is possible to harm your device if something were to go wrong in the following process.

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2016 Technical Reference Manual Errata – Secretarial Letter – A Secretarial Letter releasing the Errata for the 2016 Technical Reference Manual, at Docket No. M-2015-2469311, adopted at the July 8, 2015 Public Meeting, is being provided for the convenience of all interested parties.

It can help to develop applications for the platform quicker and easier than using a device with a manufacturer skin onboard, and that's a good thing.

Google has discontinued the Nexus line in October 2016 in favor of the Pixel.

You wouldn’t want your camera to shut down during the update because if it did, you might need to have a professional service your camera.

Lenses and camera bodies must often be updated together.

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