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If your child has a problem, your child must fix the problem.

This is why there are academic advisors, office hours, department chairs, and deans of students. Then your child will become an adult, keep secrets, avoid you, and spend time with the nicer in-laws.

Costing £3.1billion and weighing 65,000 tonnes, she's Britain's biggest and most advanced warship ever built.

But HMS Queen Elizabeth has been outmanoevred by a £300 drone which landed on the deck completely unchallenged.

On September 30, 2014, a suite of NASA instruments spotted what appeared to be a solar eruption - but soon after, a serpentine structure known as a filament rose from the surface and collapsed, being shredded to pieces by invisible magnetic forces.

A study on the phenomenon revealed it was caused by a filament pushing up against a complex magnetic structure 'like two igloos smashed against each other,' which then ate away at the filament and caused chips of solar material to spray. The world's biggest online retailer has discussed selling ready-to-eat dishes such as beef stew and a vegetable frittata as soon as next year, officials at the startup firm marketing the technology told Reuters.

She has adopted four teen boys, with three still living at home. After school is time for homework, showers and then dinner. In Pima County alone, 964 children over age 11 are in the dependency system this month, and 38 percent are in need of adoptive homes, Juvenile Court Center records show.

The drone pilot, who wanted to remain anonymous, made the daring flight while the aircraft carrier was docked at Invergordon, Scotland in July (pictured right and top left, footage from the drone shows the warship on its approach towards the deck).

He flew over the carrier before touching down on the four-acre deck and then taking off again unchecked.

Burns joins hundreds of juniors and seniors who will receive their class ring in what has become a traditional ring ceremony for the school.

The Hammond High ceremony will take place Tuesday morning at .

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