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Related: Nick LITERALLY Dug Through Baby Poop While he still has a handsome face and muscular bod, he colored in his 98 Degrees tattoo, forever removing the boy band's name from his arm! Related: Pauly D & Aubrey O'Day Are On The Verge Of Getting Engaged! After six years of marriage and three children, Nick and Vanessa Lachey are absolutely inseparable and are only getting stronger!Thankfully, a producer for the early '00s hit is now opening up about what it was like to work with Nick and Jessica. Related: The Guys Of 98 Degrees Admit To Hooking Up With Fans!

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Although the two share a special connection, Nick had expressed doubts about whether the couple would live in Canada or the U. Gates, meanwhile, has enjoyed a lively, carefree journey.

Recently, the 98 Degrees band member showed everyone how much he loves his wife, and we're touched (and disgusted) at the same time!

On Saturday, the 43-year-old hunk revealed on Instagram that Miss Teen USA recently lost her wedding ring, and he literally had to dig through dirty diapers to retrieve it! On Christmas Eve, Nick and Vanessa Lachey welcomed their third child into the world.

According to the birth announcement, the little one arrived "early" just in time for the holidays. On Friday, the 98 Degrees singer took to Instagram to confirm that his wife is expecting their third child. The television personality shared the happy baby news with a photo of his whole family in front of their new home, joking they now needed a different kind of "crib". 98 Degress has been serenading audiences with sweet nostalgia on their epic My2K Tour with O-Town, Dream, and Ryan Cabrera!

But during this weekend's West Palm Beach stop, Nick Lachey and co. The *NSYNC alum surprised the crowd with a special performance of the band's hit song !

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