Hlstatsx not updating team fortress 2

Well, I would clear my stats, but as I said, I cant do it either (it has no effect when I do it).I hope they release that patch soon edit: Ok, I was able to reset stats using console.

Find out which of these teams will come out on top this Sunday night at 9pm Eastern on twitch.tv/extvesports. If you are caught hacking, no matter what position you are in for the tournament, you will be permanently banned from our servers.Setting sv_visiblemaxplayers to 6 for Mv M Setting sv_visiblemaxplayers to 7 for Mv M Setting sv_visiblemaxplayers to 8 for Mv M Setting sv_visiblemaxplayers to 9 for Mv M Setting sv_visiblemaxplayers to 10 for Mv M Bad pstudiohdr in Get Sequence Linear Motion()!// List of console variables sm_tf2bwr_version // version sm_tf2bwr_logs 1 // enable/disable logs Removed sm_tf2bwr_autoupdate 0 // enable/disable autoupdate sm_tf2bwr_flag 0 // allow human robots to pick up flag/bomb sm_tf2bwr_freeze 1 // freeze human robots between rounds sm_tf2bwr_respawn_red 20 // respawn timer fix (RED team) sm_tf2bwr_respawn_blue 7 // respawn timer fix (BLU team) sm_tf2bwr_randomizer 1 // pick random class variant after death sm_tf2bwr_autojoin 1 // handle autojoin command with change to be thrown to the BLU team sm_tf2bwr_autoupdate 0 // use Updater sm_tf2bwr_restrict_ready 1 // block Ready status command (BLU team) sm_tf2bwr_max_defenders 7 // Limit of defenders ( 10 - max_defenders = max_human_robots ) sm_tf2bwr_min_defenders 4 // Defenders count required to join BLU team sm_tf2bwr_min_defenders4giants 6 // Defenders count required to allow BLU team select giant robots sm_tf2bwr_notifications 1 // Show/hide chat notifications sm_tf2bwr_engineers 1 // Allow/disallow robot engineers // List of commands sm_robotmenu // show class/class_variants menu sm_robomenu // same as above sm_robotclass // same as above sm_roboclass // same as above sm_robothelp // print help info sm_robohelp // same as above sm_bewithrobots // same as 'jointeam blue' sm_joinblue // same as above sm_joinblu // same as above sm_joinred // same as 'jointeam red' sm_bwr_players // display player list sm_bwr_kick // Admin: move players to Spetators // Access command overrides tf2bwr_joinred // default: everyone tf2bwr_joinblue // default: everyone1.3v Final Version -Fixed many bugs -Replaced deploy animation -Fixed Mannhattan alarm -Fixed cash dropped by human robots in spawn 1.1v (Bugfix) 1.0v -Fixed many bugs -Removed TF2Items Info that caused the plugin to crash -Added spy teleport -Added 4 New Variants Rapid Strike, Future Engineer, Giant Blast Demoman, Knockback Scout -Rebalanced Giant blackbox soldier to a support role rather than attack -Rewrited the bomb upgrades because of 3 bombs -Fixed bugs from Benoist's build -Fixed Sentry not being instant lvl 3 -Rewrited spawn protection to last till landing from the spawn -Added battle Mini-Dispenser -Rewrited Gate stun to affect Engineer buildings and remove stun after capture when it ended when you used !Today, on June 26 2013, the Steam Trading Cards System has been officially released.Thath means, from today on, all users have a new Steam profile and the possibilty of collecting, trading and crafting Steam Trading Cards.

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