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That attack was said to have been the work of a "state-sponsored actor," and Yahoo believes the two hacks may be connected.Speaking to Radio Sputnik, Gary Miliefsky, senior cybersecurity expert and founding member of the US Department of Homeland Security, discussed the details of the latest hack, and why he agreed with Yahoo's assessment of this probably being the work of a foreign government.Bad actors can use that data to access users’ accounts, then apply an automated system to find valuable information to sell on the black market.“Financial records, health care records, privacy information — all go to different sets of buyers,” Roberts said.The company said in December that the problem with forged cookies — data strings used to connect users with websites — had been identified separately from the firm’s probe into the hacks. Speaking to Radio Sputnik, senior cybersecurity expert Gary Miliefsky said that there was good reason to believe that state actors were behind the hack, and explained why.WA Scam Net understands the scammers activate the pop-up through keywords that people might feel guilty about typing e.g. or in response to illegal downloading of music or movies.Recent reports from those affected by the AFP computer seizure scam indicate the scammers have switched on the victim’s webcam remotely and photographed them.

like placing 20 million personal email accounts up for sale on the dark web, for example.Yahoo confirmed the warning on Wednesday, the same day it was reported that Verizon is slashing the price it will pay for Yahoo by at least 0 million.The price cut, in reaction to two massive data hacks that Yahoo reported late last year, appears to indicate the troubled deal will go through.While the man’s horrified fiancé immediately launched herself at the offending bystander, everyone else in the vicinity started searching frantically for the missing ring.Video footage of the saga was shared to the Atlanta Hawks’ Twitter page, but it is not known whether the couple retrieved the ring.

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