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Send your questions to [email protected] I’ll pick the best ones to answer in a future column in the next couple of weeks.

These are all anonymous, so don’t worry about leaving a name. I’m 28 years old and I’m unhappy with what I’ve done with my life to this point. Compliment my guns or my perfectly symmetrical nose (some girl told me that once), but enough with the “Hey, what’s up?

Ask for advice or feel free to ask me about my dating/personal life — I’ll answer anything. I also drink too much but that’s where I get a lot of my wit and charm, so it’s a double-­edged sword. ” FYI: Everything I wrote in the brutal honestly section isn’t true ... A lot of people are surprised to hear that I try and get girls to meet me at my apartment for a first date and then go to a bar afterwards.

While we’re on the subject of questions, this week I’m going to discuss the stupid questions I get asked most often when I’m talking to girls via Tinder or other online dating apps. I’m not looking for a relationship at the moment, just sex, because I have dependency issues. By doing this, they see I have a nice place and that I’m not a complete psychopath.

What seems like a simple, intuitive choice can make the difference between a happy first date and echoing silence in your inbox.

And with the constant deluge of hook-up aps like Tinder and Grindr, alternative dating sites like Coffee Meets Bagel and Why Don’t We and non-standard sites like Meet Up, the do’s and don’ts of online dating get more confusing and convoluted than a Choose Your Own Adventure edition of here: to help you cut through the Gordian knot of online dating mysteries.

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