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I tell her she probably gets ID’d a lot, and it turns out that, yes, she does. “I thought I should get some wine – there was this super moon,” she says. At 19, after playing in lesser-known punk bands around Washington state, she and a friend, Corin Tucker, launched Sleater-Kinney, an all-female trio named after the street on which they used to practise.“The girl at the liquor store wanted ID and I was like, ‘This is flattering, but do you actually need me to go back to my car? Their setup was simple (two guitars, two voices, one drummer), but their sound was new, their lyrics sharp and political.

Aaron, Ariana and the rest of their team had been on their way back to their dressing room when they heard the bomb go off, before they were evacuated in a matter of seconds after the 'surreal' moment.

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Jacques Thibault, the violinist, was once handed an autograph book by a fan while in the greenroom after a concert. "I gave your son violin lessons last winter." "Ah, yes," recalled the judge. The conductor asked, "Would you like a moment to tune? Joe duly took his break; back in the pit that evening, Moe asked how it was. "You know that bit where the music goes `BOOM Boom Boom Boom'--well there are some guys up top singing a terrific song about a Toreador at the same time." There was a certain bartender who was quite famous for being able to accurately guess people's IQs.

" The bass player replied with some surprise, "Why? " At a rehearsal, the conductor stops and shouts to the bass section: "You are out of tune. " The first bassist pulls all his strings, says, "Our tuning is correct: all the strings are equally tight." The first violist turns around and shouts, "You bloody idiot! One night a man walked in and talked to him briefly and the bartender said, "Wow! You should meet this guy over here." So they talked for a while about nuclear physics and existential philosophy and had a great time.

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