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If they take time to appreciate each other, there is considerable mutual respect and common goals in this relationship.

A Scorpio man is a passionate person with a very clever and inspective mind.

He also booed up with actress Robin Givens in 1989 while she was estranged from husband Mike Tyson.

That allegedly didn’t sit too well with Iron Mike, but it doesn’t matter because the fling didn’t last very long.

But the highest quality Exploration is done when the person is experiencing something novel to them and getting out of their comfort zone.

Like an orchestra that requires every musician, we all bring something that the world needs.

He is intense, suspicious and quite a jealous creature in any relationship.

But at the same time he is the best man a woman can ever have with humble words, tender touch and burning passion.

The news of the lawsuit came just a couple of days after Fitbit's share price plunged almost 20 per cent in the wake of the announcement of their new smartwatch, the Fitbit Blaze, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Analysts said investors were worried that the company entering the competitive smartwatch market, which is dominated by tech giants like Apple and Samsung, was too risky a move - especially considering that Blaze users will not have access to third-party apps, a major selling point for devices like the Apple Watch and Android Wear devices.

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