Christian man dating jewish woman

Finding a man to marry is hard, author Jon Birger said this week, not due to the "hook-up" culture, but because there are more women with advanced education than there are equivalent men.

By the same token, Mormons, who encourage early nuptials, are the least likely faith to outmarry.In this article “intermarriage” refers to the marriage of a Jew to a non-Jew who does not convert to Judaism.The terms “interfaith marriage” and “mixed marriage” will be used interchangeably with “intermarriage.” In sociological terms, marrying within one’s ethnic or religious group is called endogamy, while marrying outside is exogamy.Even in 1990s America, however, mate selection is not solely a matter of romantic love.As noted in a popular text for courses in marriage and the family: “Although we use the system of marital choice by mutual selection in our society, the belief that the selection is completely free is an illusion” (Saxton, p. The first voice noting a growing rate of mixed marriage was heard in an article written by Eric Rosenthal for the 1963 Rosenthal analyzed the mixed-marriage rates of Jews in Iowa and later (in 1967) of those in Indiana, the only two states that recorded the religion of future bride and groom when they registered for a marriage license.

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