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Although the private firms later received public subsidies, the economics of providing those services gradually declined and most of these routes were taken over by the CNYRTA as noted below.The main service area is the city of Syracuse and suburban Onondaga County.The modern Central Islip station is in a different location from all of its predecessors. In the mid-1990s, Central Islip began a resurgence, with new housing developments, commercial properties, and government complexes.

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Centro operates four separate systems concentrated in the urban areas of the counties served.

The Central New York Regional Transportation Authority (Centro) is the operator of mass transit in Onondaga, Oswego, Cayuga, and Oneida counties in New York state.

The CNYRTA was formed on August 1, 1970, along with similar agencies in Rochester, Albany, and Buffalo.

Centro took over the assets and operations of the Syracuse Transit Corporation on January 17, 1972, and those of the suburban Syracuse & Eastern Transit Corp. Most routes begin in Downtown Syracuse, spread out through the city, and connect with the rest of Onondaga County. The neighboring communities of Fulton and Mexico are also provided with fixed route service.

CNY Centro also operates Syracuse University shuttle routes and Syracuse City School District routes for high school students. Centro assumed operation of Oswego-Fulton-Syracuse intercity bus service from S&O Coach on June 21, 1993. Since 2004 all local bus routes are interconnected, offering one-seat rides throughout the city.

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