Attraction and christian dating

They seem to be swayed heavily by what our culture says it is, and secular standards about who to pursue. I am a single 35-year-old Christian female struggling to get Christian guys to see what marriage was designed to be.Now that doesn’t guarantee success, but at least we know what to tell you once you are there. We’ve heard you, ultra wise Christian married person. I’m not even talking about being perfectly attracted or attractive. What I’m saying is that when you meet or approach someone, initial attraction is key and one of the problems a lot of us singles have (especially men) is that we don’t understand attraction, or why we are, or are not, attractive. But we are terrible about helping you get from single to dating. Now, all sorts of things can affect attraction – on both ends.

But we can’t do any of that if we refuse to deal with the reality that it matters – immensely. However, we have to engage this to fight through the lie. Then you move to the point of meeting and actually seeing each other. Further, if you do, I would encourage you not to act on it.Here is the basis behind my suggestion: Often I receive a note from someone who finds the chemistry, ‘the spark’ at the initial meetings and allows the physical side of the relationship to develop out of proportion to the other ingredients.By Sean Doherty “Our pastoral experience over the years has demonstrated again and again that when a gay man marries, this is not only inappropriate for him, but this can absolutely destroy his wife.”As a predominantly same-sex attracted man, Jeremy’s comment here is the kind of attitude I often encounter when people find out that I used to consider myself to be gay.And whilst I am convinced that some people with same sex attraction can and should get married (to someone of the opposite sex), Jeremy and others are absolutely right to remind us of the profound damage that can be caused when someone ignores or refuses to be honest about their true sexual feelings and enters into a marriage, hoping that they will become sexually attracted to their spouse after the wedding.

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